Kansas Hunting

We have the privilege to provide you with blinds that are leading the hunting industry. We work hard to bring you nothing but best quality products that will give you the highest comfort and outstanding results in your hunting experience.

Whitetail Hunting

The most durable, light-weight, high feed capacity, versatile deer feeders available today. Convertible from gravity feed to automatic deer feeders in just minutes. These are truly the most affordable, high end, deer feeders available on the market!

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Whitetails Hunting

The Ultimate one of a kind tree stand. Fully adjustable horizontally and vertically. Fits in virtually any tree.

Comfortable seat is adjustable to reduce fatigue. Seat rotates 360 degrees for safer entry and full visibility. Doesn't limit your mobility. 100% American Made. Designed to handle crooked trees.

This stand makes the difference between a 50 yard shot and a 15 yard shot.  The Johnson 360 is putting you exactly where you need to be.

Kansas Whitetails

Can't beat a target that has a lifetime warranty! Wear it out and they will send you a replacement.

Kansas Whitetails Hunting

Get your Central Kansas Whitetail gear here. T-shirts, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Hoodies, and Caps. Buy Online here!

Kansas Hunting

If you want to hold more deer, pattern more bucks and reach the full potential of each rack, then feed Buck Nuggets.